New on Lambic cranes: Verhaeghe Barbe Ruby!

Very soon, the Lambic menu will feature a strong cherry ale «Barbe Ruby» !

The variety is one of four types of beer in the «Barbe» («Beard») line, which was named after the medieval brewery Barbe d’or. It was located in the Belgian city of Liege and belonged to the noble family de Romsey, whose coat of arms is now used as the logo of the beer «Barbe» .

Ruby — rich, slightly spicy, sweet and sour taste, with notes of cherry and light bitterness of almonds, which finishes with a harmonious, refreshing finish. The variety is good as an aperitif or digestif. It also goes well with salads, fish and seafood, and is perfect for grilled dishes.

The variety will gradually appear in all Lambic restaurants starting next week, hurry up to try it!

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