The Company’s Mission

Our mission is to keep and continue the best European beer traditions and values, and introduction of our guests to them.

Beer as a Philosophy

We know everything about beer and fully share a well-known statement that beer is not just a drink but a whole philosophy. One can really enjoy the drink only by falling into this philosophy in full. Communication with beer assumes certain established aesthetics and culture of consumption.

How to choose?

Our beer sommeliers will help those who are not yet good at «beer philosophy» to choose a beer. The sommeliers are people who perfectly know blends and nuances of tastes and aromas of drinks. Among all diversity of available beer types, they will help you to find the taste you would like at the moment — sourish and dry or spicy and tangy, light or rich, classic or unusual.

In what and with what to serve?

It is extremely important how and with what to serve beer to emphasise peculiarities of each type, to help beer to deliver fully its taste, and to afford pleasure to lovers of this unique drink. That is why we pay special attention to serving beer and accompanying dishes. For example, pale beer, which is so refreshing and quenches thirst in heat, shall be served with light snacks, while fragrant and warming dark beer requires hot substantial dishes. And there is one more immutable law: usually the foam drink best complies with salted snacks. However, there are types of beer which are served with desserts.

In medieval taverns, beer was served in coarse clay mugs, but modern beer serving requires perfectly clean and transparent individual glass for each type of beer with a picture or logo drawn on it. By the way, serious fights always occur for the best design of beer glasses for global brands of manufacturers. Ordering beer in our Brasserie, you will be able to get familiar with all colourful variety of Lambic glasses and appreciate the work of designers.

We will answer all your questions

Not only sommeliers in the Brasserie LAMBIC are experts in beer nuances. All new employees have to pass a full-scale exam for knowledge of the basics of beer and restaurant business in order to confirm their qualification. They are ready to consult and answer any client’s questions. For example, we are often asked which beer is better — draft or bottled one — or what shall be done with sediments at the bottom of a bottle. Visit us in LAMBIC, and we will reveal all the secrets.

Beer unites

Beer does not stand any rush. Relishing the foam drink is a long-lasting and at the same time communicative process, which assumes presence of a company, or at least, a good interlocutor. This is also supported by the fact that various snacks for beer are traditionally served on a large common dish. We know these «uniting» features of the drink, so in the Brasserie LAMBIC we tried to create the atmosphere as comfortable as possible for our clients, and we keep working on it every day.

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