Business dinner at Lambic restaurant: when atmosphere decides

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For breakfast or lunch, any restaurant with good cuisine will do, for a romantic date — almost any restaurant, the main thing is that the atmosphere should be favorable. Business dinners are different — here you need several factors to come together at once. The establishment should be cozy, but too relaxed atmosphere can throw off the business mood, service — pleasant, but unobtrusive, and the menu — consist not only of appetizers.

All this can be found in the Lambic restaurant chain. Our brasseries are versatile: here it is comfortable to meet with friends, organize dates and solve important business tasks. But let’s talk about everything in order.

Lambic is probably the best restaurant for business dinners

An important criterion for an establishment where business meetings are held is a convenient location. The ideal location is the city center, but not always: if the capital is stuck in traffic jams, it may be more convenient for business partners to meet in one of the neighboring districts. In this case, Lambic is also an ideal choice. The chain already has more than 20 restaurants practically all over Moscow, most of them located in the immediate vicinity of the metro or with the possibility to easily reach the place by car.

And, of course, even a business dinner in a restaurant should be delicious. Lambic meets this requirement one hundred percent — even sophisticated visitors will find something interesting for themselves in the rich menu. We offer a wide choice of meat, fish and poultry dishes, appetizers, salads, grilled dishes and much more. Here you can try real Belgian potato waffles with different sauces, live mussels, traditional European dishes, such as Flemish beef stewed in Burgundy de Flanders beer, and even fast food.

The range of drinks is also impressive: from coffee and tea to author’s lemonades. But a business dinner at the restaurant does not necessarily have to be alcohol-free, especially since the main highlight of Lambic is beer. A glass of quality beer will help to relax and discuss all important issues in a comfortable atmosphere. Our beer menu is based on Belgian beverages, but there are also varieties from other countries, which we have tasted, appreciated and boldly recommend to our guests. And also wine, sparkling wine, whisky, cognac, tequila, rum, cocktails — in general, there is a lot to choose from!

And if you prefer to talk about business not at dinner, but only during the day, come to business lunches. We offer several business lunch options at pleasant prices, plus a discount on drinks on weekdays from 12:00 to 16:30.

Lambic is the perfect restaurant for a business dinner. Come — you will definitely like it!

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Craft beer glasses: your guide to serving beer properly

Craft beer glasses: your guide to serving beer properly

Why is traditional kölsch beer in German beer restaurants only served in narrow, elongated, small glasses? Why is it that local brews in other countries are served, for example, in pint glasses? It’s not a marketing move — the point is that in a properly shaped vessel beer better reveals its flavor and aroma, as well as retains a stable foam. And if you choose the right container, you can even at home to get maximum pleasure from your favorite varieties. To help all beer lovers — our guide to glasses! A pint of Nonic Suitable for styles: india pale ale, porter, brown ale, cider This is a versatile glass that is ideal for drinkable, low-alcoholic varieties. There are three types of pint glasses, the most popular being the 0.6 liter Nonic from the UK. It is a container with slightly curved walls that widen slightly at the bottom. Snifter Suitable for styles: stout, porter, barleywine The same «pouzat» glass that is also often seen in beer restaurants. The deep bowl retains the distinct flavor of the drink well, and the short stem allows it to be slightly warmed by human body heat, thus bringing out the aroma. The snifter is ideal for aromatic brews such as strong ales. Tulip Suitable for styles: Belgian ale, wild ale This glass is somewhat like a snifter, but with an elongated rather than narrowed neck. The tulip retains foam well, and the container also helps to capture volatile substances. A great choice for strong styles, although experts say it’s the perfect shape for any variety if you plan to drink just one glass. Pilsner Suitable for styles: lager, pilsner, bock A glass for serving all light lagers, including pilsners. It has a long shape with pronounced straight lines and a slightly tapered neck, which helps to stabilize the foam. The pilsner is also ideal for showing off the color and carbonation of the drink. Weitzen Suitable for styles: hefeweizen, witbier A smoothly shaped glass with a wide neck, originally from Germany. It is ideal for serving a variety of wheat beers, such as Hefenweizens and Belgian Witbiers. In such a glass, the flavor of the beverage will unfold well and a lush, high foam will be retained. Teku Suitable for: double IPA, saison, lambic This 0.3-liter glass is a relatively recent development and rather resembles a version of the famous tulip, but with sharper corners. The container well reveals the flavor of the drink and preserves the foam, and the long stem prevents it from heating up. By the way, in Lambic restaurants beer is served only in the right glasses. Come and see for yourself!

27 March 2024

Learning how to properly store beer so it doesn't lose its flavor

Learning how to properly store beer so it doesn't lose its flavor

Has it ever happened that you buy expensive and seemingly high-quality beer, but it doesn’t live up to expectations? Often the taste qualities are affected not only by the manufacturing process, but also by transportation and storage of the drink, and not only in the manufacturer’s warehouses, but also at home. And if you can’t influence some moments, then every responsible beer lover should understand the rules of home storage. We tell you how to properly store beer so that it retains its true flavor. No hot rooms Many people put beer in the fridge just before drinking, but before that they simply store it in drawers in the kitchen. This can be done, but not for long — after a few weeks, even at room temperature, beer will inevitably start to lose its flavor. The ideal storage temperature for beer is about +1 °C. Some varieties can be stored at 10-12 degrees, but if you are not ready to understand the subtleties — it is better to choose a cool place for beer. And even more so, beer should not be stored in hot rooms, for example, next to a radiator — it will quickly become unusable. Out of the sunlight The flavor of beer can be spoiled if it is constantly exposed to sunlight. Brown glass bottles cope best with direct rays — they keep out about 98% of the radiation. Green bottles, on the other hand, are only 20% impervious. It is undesirable to store beer in transparent bottles; it is better to consume it immediately after purchase. Therefore, the optimal storage method for all varieties is a dark space. Ideally a cellar, but a cupboard in the pantry will also work. Don’t open it! Leaving the beer open to finish it tomorrow is a bad decision. In the air, the drink quickly wears off and loses its flavor. By the way, oxygen can also get into closed bottles, if, for example, the production technology is broken. But this will immediately indicate an atypical odor — cardboard, paper or wax. Such a drink can not only not give pleasure, but also harm your health. And be sure to check the expiration dates even on tested varieties. How do you store draught beer? The average shelf life of draught beer is 3 days if the storage rules are followed. Such a short period of time is due to the fact that during bottling beer comes into contact with air, the bottle is not airtight and sterile. How long can you store draft beer in the bottle so that it does not spoil? Here are some tips. Of course, beer should be kept in the refrigerator. Strong beer should be stored at a temperature of no more than 15 degrees, low-alcohol beer — no more than 10 degrees. If the beer is not stored in the refrigerator but in another cold place, take care to keep it dark. Bacteria are more active in the presence of light. Bottles should be stored vertically. Because quality live beer has yeast sediment, storing it in the refrigerator is strongly discouraged. At low temperatures, the yeast dies, which also affects the flavor. Live beer is best consumed immediately after purchase — it is not pasteurized and therefore does not keep for long. Better still, come and try it at any Lambic beer restaurant. We take a responsible approach to beer storage and guarantee its excellent taste!

27 March 2024