Restaurants with summer verandas

Date: 21 Июня 2017

With the onset of excellent weather, one of the main priorities in choosing a restaurant is the presence of a nice and cozy summer veranda. After all, it is much more pleasant to spend time not under the air conditioning in the hall, but enjoying the beautiful views of the city, a light breeze and a pleasant meal. In the fresh air, the food of even the best establishments will be even tastier!

Here you can not think about boring problems, comfortably settled, forget about the movement of time and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The menu will allow you to taste dishes prepared including on the grill (Edge restaurant, Lambic on Neverovsky). Even the most discerning gourmet will not remain indifferent to the range of beer and a variety of tastes of the wine list!

Summer veranda in the new restaurant «EDGE» on Verkhnyaya Radishchevskaya

Summer veranda in the EDGE restaurant on Taganka

In the warm season, a favorite place to relax and feast is the closed summer veranda on the inner territory of the restaurant. Delicious barbecue and grilled meat are prepared in the outdoor area of the veranda. Here you can sit comfortably in any weather, drink a glass of cold beer or a Cup of coffee, have a delicious lunch, celebrate a wedding or hold a corporate Banquet.

Summer veranda in the Lambic restaurant on Neverovsky street

Summer veranda in our restaurant on Mira Avenue

The summer verandah in the brasseries on Vorontsovo pole and on Myasnitskaya street is modeled after Parisian street cafes, where tables are placed directly on the street and you can sit in the fresh air at any time to have lunch, drink something cool or have dinner. Under light canopies, you can hide from the scorching sun, breathe in the aroma of fresh flowers, and chat in a romantic atmosphere with a glass of wine.

Summer veranda in the restaurant «Lambic» on the street. Vorontsovo Field

Lambic club Privilege Club