Lambic: cherry beer sorbet that will turn your head

Date: 27 Июля 2018

Lambic Brasserie’s mission is to introduce its guests to the multi-faceted world of Belgian beer. And for this purpose, not only foam in its classic form, on tap or in bottles is suitable. Exploring the possibilities of your favorite drink, Lambic came up with a new dish based on it: sorbet from the beer «Lindemans Kriek cherry» (220 rubles per ball).

This dessert was created together with the company"My Gelato". Chef Kirill Krylov worked out the recipe, trying not only to preserve, but also to emphasize the taste of cherry beer, to concentrate it, translating the essence of the main ingredient into the language of sweets.

The resulting soft pink sorbet is served on meringue powder, garnished with mint. You can already try the new product in any Lambic Brasserie.

* Sorbet can be enjoyed in the restaurants Lambic on Vorontsovo field, butcher, prospect of Peace and Dolgorukovskaya.

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