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Grill on the summer terrace in Lambic at the Park of Culture!

Date: 13 Мая 2022

Just like last year, from Thursday to Saturday, we light a large wood-burning grill near the restaurant and prepare a special menu starting at 12:00.

The menu includes langoustines on a skewer, salmon steak, squid marinated in kimchi sauce. For garnish, we offer no less light snacks: vegetables on the grill, ajapsandal or potatoes baked on the grill.

We are preparing a shish kebab of chicken, a rack of lamb and uch panju — tender veal on three skewers. We complement all dishes with fragrant homemade tortilla, pomegranate and pickled onions. We also offer lamb, veal and chicken kebab on a plate or in pita bread.

We are waiting for you in Lambic!

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