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Lambic is now on Shabolovka!

Date: 10 Июня 2022

The nineteenth restaurant of our chain opened on Shabolovka 19 between Oktyabrskaya and Shabolovskaya metro stations. The interior of the restaurant, with a capacity of 40 seats, is traditionally made in dark colors, with a large number of wooden elements and marble tables, and some of the decor and illustrations are borrowed from one of the most beautiful Lambic — in Bolshoy Cherkassky lane!

The menu, as in all restaurants of the chain, provides a huge selection of dishes for every taste. We prepare our specialties — Belgian potato waffles, mussels in various sauces.

There is a large section of grilled dishes and beer snacks, of which there will be about 160 items on the restaurant menu, of which 16 are on taps.

On weekdays from 12 to 17, the restaurant will have a lunch menu from 500 rubles.

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