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Pizza at Lambic menu!

Date: 25 Июля 2020

We cook pizza at Lambic on Gogolevsky Boulevard, near the Arbatskaya and Kropotkinskaya metro stations, on Khodynsky Boulevard, near the CSKA metro station and on the street. Dmitry Ulyanov 5a near the Akademicheskaya metro station.

The menu includes 6 classic combinations on a thin dough made of Italian flour with the addition of extra virgin olive oil:
⁃ Julienne with chicken fillet, mushrooms and herbs-light and fresh to the taste.
⁃ Ham and mushrooms with tomato sauce and bell pepper.
⁃ Four cheeses with fragrant cheeses and pears.
⁃ Pepperoni with spicy sausage and mozzarella.
⁃ Margarita is the most popular pizza in the world on the classic recipe.

Pizza has become a great addition to our menu and is perfectly combined with beer from the updated Atlas!

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