Pizza at Lambic menu!

In June, we launched pizza in two of our restaurants-in Turchaninov lane and on Dolgorukovskaya street, and now Lambic has been added to them on Gogolevsky Boulevard, near the Arbatskaya metro station.

The menu includes 6 classic combinations on a thin dough made of Italian flour with the addition of extra virgin olive oil:
⁃ Bolognese with minced meat in tomato sauce will please with a piquant taste and satiety.
⁃ Julienne with chicken fillet, mushrooms and herbs-light and fresh to the taste.
⁃ Ham and mushrooms with tomato sauce and bell pepper.
⁃ Four cheeses with fragrant cheeses and pears.
⁃ Pepperoni with spicy sausage and mozzarella.
⁃ Margarita is the most popular pizza in the world on the classic recipe.

Pizza has become a great addition to our menu and is perfectly combined with beer from the updated Atlas!

There are also surprises: for the most attentive guests, we have prepared a secret pizza that is not on the main menu: with truffle cream and chanterelles. Incredibly flavorful, perfect for many Beers and especially the novelty of this season-Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar, brewed with hazelnut. This variety is available in Russia exclusively in Lambic.

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