From June 28 to July 6 we deliver all varieties on cranes with a volume of 0.33l for 230 rubles using the LambicClub card

Date: 25 Июня 2021

From June 28 to July 6, we deliver all varieties on cranes with a volume of 0.33l for 230 rubles using the LambicClub card. The promotion is valid only for orders within restaurants.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy new products in the Lambic menu, for example, «Shepherd Neame Double Stout» is an excellent representative of English stouts.
It is based on an ancient recipe from the brewery's own archives, using the only and oldest oak mash vat in the UK. All of this, plus the East Kent's golden hop varieties, give the beer the signature touch of the oldest British brewery.

«Mort Subite Witte Lambic»
A rare variety of light fruit Belgian lambic, prepared according to an original old recipe with the addition of crushed dried apricots, zest and coriander.

Come try these and other beers at a nice price.
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