10 lunch as a gift / Lambic on the Dolgorukovskaya by LambicClub

Big and hearty, weekly with a new menu and for only 650 rubles — we cook such lunches weekly throughout the Lambic network!

The business lunch menu changes every week, it is developed in turn by the chef of every Lambic restaurant! We add a glass of berry morse and a bread basket to each lunch.

Now at Lambic at Dolgorukovskaya 19с7 lunches have become even more affordable, because one in ten you will receive free on the LambicClub privilege card!
Come to our restaurant near Novoslobodskaya metro station, order 9 lunches on different days for three weeks using the LambicClub card and get the 10th lunch as a gift!

You can install a privilege map by clicking on the link.
Details from the waiter

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