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For mussels in Lambic!

Date: 26 Декабря 2018

The popularity of mussels in the city is still not so high, and it is not always easy to find them. And how nice that you have Lambic!

We prepare mussels in three variations, and from today, but only in Lambic on Strastnoy already in five!
Of the invariable and popular-Roquefort mussels in cream sauce with blue cheese, in tomato sauce and baked with cheese.
And of the new ones that you can only try in Lambic on Strastny, these are Bearnaise mussels in a cream sauce with leeks, Bisque in tomato and fish and, the main novelty of Stastny — Vongole Beurre Blance in white wine sauce.
We bring mussels to choose from 500 g or 1 kg and always with baguette and French fries.

And the main bonus, of course, is a large selection of beer: from light unfiltered to cherry Creek.

Come here!

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