New menu: more choices, lower prices

Date: 02 Октября 2019

We love our guests very much and regularly prove it with our deeds.

Since October 1, a new menu has been launched in all restaurants of the chain, where there are even more unusual combinations from different cuisines of the world, as well as traditional Belgian recipes. An important and pleasant moment-prices have become more affordable.

We paid special attention to waffles prepared according to traditional Belgian recipes: potato waffles from a special section of the menu will be served with different toppings-pike caviar and sour cream (520 rubles), mushrooms, sour cream sauce and poached egg (440 rubles), salmon, poached egg and galandez sauce (490 rubles), as well as roast beef and dried tomatoes (460 rubles).

Another new section of the menu is called «Asia». It features trendy poke (with tuna, salmon and mix — 690 rubles), freshest sashimi from tuna and salmon (570 rubles), spicy wasabi shrimp (580 rubles) and warming Tom Yam with shrimp (680 rubles). All these delicacies will be perfectly combined with delicious gezami-beer, which is often called «Brussels champagne».

For a hot meal, you can choose a dish from the «Grill» section: meat-eaters will certainly enjoy juicy blade steak with potatoes (980 rubles) or classic new York (1990 rubles) and ribeye (2200 rubles), and fish lovers will enjoy salmon with pumpkin and miso mousse (640 rubles), pickles with celery and carrot confit (690 rubles) or shrimp in Asian sauce (620 rubles).

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