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Grill on the summer terrace at Lambic in the Park of Culture!

Date: 12 Мая 2021

Just like last year, from Thursday to Saturday, we light a large wood-burning grill near the restaurant and prepare a special menu starting from 18.00.

We prepare our signature huge burger with marbled beef steak with additional ingredients from our chef. This season, you can add a choice to the burger: mushrooms in cream sauce, onion rings and bacon or broken cucumbers in sweet and sour sauce.

Grilled salmon, squid, octopus and shrimp are also on the menu! As a side dish, we offer no less light snacks: pickled iceberg salad with kimchi and tomatoes, grilled vegetables, ajapsandali or potatoes baked on the grill with pita bread. We prepare shish kebabs from chicken, veal, as well as lamb quads! We complement all the dishes with a fragrant homemade flatbread and pickled onions, and ajabsandal. We also offer lamb kebab on a plate or in pita bread.

On Friday and Saturday from 8 pm, the atmosphere on the veranda will be created by DJs. Come with your whole family or a group of friends to enjoy the summer in Lambic!

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