New Beer Atlas is already in Lambic!

We were looking forward to seeing new products in our Beer Atlas, the borders are finally open, and we are ready to present the first changes! Main news — we have agreed on exclusive deliveries of an unusual variety from the American brewery Rouge, which you can try exclusively in Lambic! From next week on the cranes will be interesting Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar and Kona Hanalei Island IPA! We also chose the perfect Apple cider from the Russian backswood cider company, which will take an important place in The lambic menu!

The first from the Rogue brewery tastes perfectly balanced, smooth, sweet, with bright notes of bread and malt, hints of hazelnut. Hazelnut Brown Nectar is a classic brown ale with a nutty flavor, an unusual twist on traditional brewing. The ale was developed in 1993 by Chris Stadak, a friend of Rogue Ales brewer John Mayer, specifically for the American Homebrewers Association Convention. The beer recipe includes 14 natural ingredients-water, yeast, several types of malt and hops, as well as natural hazelnut extract. For its rich, smooth, perfectly balanced taste and nutty aroma Hazelnut brown Nectar has repeatedly received high awards at international competitions. Beer goes well with beef and pork dishes and is just fine and on its own.

The second new product of the summer — Hanalei Island IPA from the American brewery Kona, which dilutes the dominant position of Belgian beer in our menu! The light and nutritious taste traces the tropical tones of passion fruit, orange and guava, balanced with a pleasant bitterness. Kona Hanalei Island IPA-session light ale, named after the Bay of Hanalei, located on the North coast of the island of Kauai. Formed as a perfect Crescent, this Bay approaches forested mountains dotted with crystal-streaked waterfalls. Between the ocean and the mountains is a small settlement of Hanalei, whose residents rightly call their small homeland a real Paradise on earth.

El «Hanalei» island IPA transfers to the feeling of a warm Hawaiian evening, immersing in a voluminous aroma with tones of exotic fruits. Its recipe contains guava, orange and passion fruit juices, and hopping with Millennium, galaxy and Azacca varieties provides a fresh 40 IBU bitterness. It goes well with any of the pokes on the Lambic menu, as well as prawns on ice, tuna tartare and bruschetta.

The third innovation in the menu on taps was the most summer of drinks-natural semi-sweet Apple cider from backswood cider! Perfect for an aperitif in hot weather! Cider is a versatile drink that is suitable for almost any dish, its refreshing Apple taste, with a small drop of sourness, will surprise you with the richness of taste and aroma.

Beer Atlas is not only filled with new varieties, a significant number of them are leaving the menu! Among them are a lot of interesting bottled beer, which is the last chance to try! The most interesting, for example, Domus Summa Skotch Honey Ale — beer made in the style of Scottish strong ale, which is also called Wee Heavy. Brewed from four varieties of malt and honey, the ale has a fragrant aroma and a fairly dense taste that combines the astringency of roasted malt, moderate bitterness of hops and a pleasant honey sweetness. Also at our impromptu sale, we advise you to try Satan Gold-a strong Belgian ale of Golden color, brewed by the Belgian brewery De Block.

To make the desire even stronger, we give an additional 10% cashback to the Lambic Club card for all such varieties!

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