BOURGOGNE DES FLANDRES GRAND CRU exclusively at Brasserie Lambic!

Date: 22 Августа 2021

We continue to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our network and we are in a hurry to inform you about a chic gift from John Martin and Timmermans breweries, which specially brewed a small batch of a unique BOURGOGNE DES FLANDRES GRAND CRU variety for us!

This is a stunning blend of brown ale with a clean lambic from Timmermans brewery. The uniqueness of this beer lies in a mix of spicy brown ale with notes of cookies and chocolate with a mature lambic aged for 4 years in oak barrels.
Lambic gives Bourgogne des Flandres Grand Cru beer a wine character with refreshing apple notes and a slightly spicy taste.

The variety will appear on the taps in all our restaurants within the next few days, hurry up to try, the quantity is limited! BOURGOGNE DES FLANDRES GRAND CRU is already available in Lambic on Myasnitskaya, Neverovskogo, Dolgorukovskaya, Strastnoy, Bolshaya Ordynka, Turchaninov Lane, Verkhnyaya Radischevskaya, Mira Avenue, Gogolevsky, in Moscow City and Bolshoy Cherkassky.

Alcohol content: 5.9%;
Density: 14%;
Fermentation Type: Mixed Riding/Spontaneous;
IBU: 25;
0,5l — 560₽ / 0,25l — 390₽

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