Ваш город Москва?
Да, верно
Нет, Новосибирск

Brasserie Lambic is now in Novosibirsk!

Date: 10 Декабря 2021

Today a new stage starts for our team, we are expanding the boundaries and today we are opening the first Lambic outside of Moscow.
Look for us in Novosibirsk, on 97/1 Timiryazev Street on the first floor of the Boulevard Lane residential complex!

The menu contains all the hits of our network: Belgian potato waffles with different fillings, mussels in sauces, a large section with grilled dishes, a lot of original snacks and, of course, more than 150 varieties from the world's best breweries, of which 20 are on tap. The restaurant turned out to be large, spacious, with three separate halls and a beautiful bar counter.
For the first time, we are launching breakfasts, which we will prepare daily from 9 am.

You can book a table, view the menu and news of the restaurant on

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