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Belgian Waffle Festival!

Date: 10 Февраля 2021

Continuing the tradition of gastronomic festivals in Lambic, we decided to pay special attention to one of the main specialties of Belgium — waffles.

The main menu of Lambic has for many years featured classic waffles made of dough with the addition of potatoes with various fillers and sweet wheat, which are very popular with our guests.

In the festival menu, Lambic chefs present their own interpretations of this traditional dish. Five types of waffles made of buckwheat, corn, rice, wheat and rye flour with various fillers for every taste! More than half of the menu items are gluten-free and are marked with a special sign on the menu.

For each position, a recommendation is selected for combining the dish with an unusual beer from the huge Lambic beer atlas.


  • Rice waffle with tuna and marinated zucchini with gluten-free light lager from the UK Skinny Lager;
  • Buckwheat waffle with chicken, mushrooms and truffle sauce with brown ale from Northern England Samuel Smiths Nut Brown Ale;
  • Rye waffle with beef steak and hot cheese with Belgian strong dark ale with smoked malt Gulden Draak Smoked;
  • Rice waffle with guacamole, tomato marmalade and cottage cheese with Belgian wheat beer with citrus notes Corsendonk Blanche;
  • Rye waffle with salmon riet, tobiko and Borodino crumbs with heavily hopped Poppels New England IPA ale;
  • Corn waffle with seafood, guacamole and jalapeno with light sour ale with strawberry Poppels Strawberry Daiquiri;
  • Wheat waffle with 4 cheeses, honey and pickled pear with a blend of young and aged beer, similar in taste to lambiki variety Adriaen Brouwer;
  • Wheat waffle with strawberries, ice cream and hot chocolate with Belgian trippel with saffron and pink pepper Domus Pangea Triple;
  • Corn waffle with maple syrup and coconut cream with Dutch craft quadrupel in the Belgian style Jopen Doubting Thomas.

The festival will last at least until April 15

Try it and enjoy it!

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