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Gastronomic dinner together with the Crimean brewery «Yakor»

Date: 01 Декабря 2021

We continue the tradition of gastronomic dinners at Lambic, in which for many years we have been introducing guests to interesting breweries and their products in combination with a special menu from our chefs.

This time on December 14, the young Crimean brewery «Yakor» will present 5 unique varieties of grape ales created using a patented technology with the addition of various varieties of Crimean grapes. «Yakor» grape ales are produced in small batches of no more than 2500 bottles each per season. During the dinner, the co-founder of the brewery Ilya Zashchuk will talk about the history of the brewery, about the intricacies of the production of ales and other varieties of the brand.

Especially for these unique varieties, Lambic brand chef Evgeny Goncharov has come up with 5 dishes that are perfect for everyone.

Dinner menu:

  • Crab with persimmon on spicy brioche with avocado mousse with wasabi.
    Yakor Chardonnay Brut.
  • Beef tartare with porcini mushrooms, blackberries and buckwheat chips.
    Yakor Aligote.
  • Mussels stuffed with rice with truffle mousse.
    Yakor Rose.
  • Lamb leg with creamy demiglas and feijoa chutney.
    Yakor Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Belgian chocolate with smoked persimmon, feijoa and mint oil.
    Yakor Strong Grape Ale.

The dinner will be held on Tuesday, December 14 at Lambic on Strastny Boulevard, next to Pushkinskaya metro station, as always in a chamber friendly atmosphere. Gathering of guests at 19:00, dinner starts at 20:00.

Tickets can be purchased via the link, the number of seats is limited.

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