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The new Lambic on Mayakovskaya welcomes guests!

Date: 17 Июня 2022

The Brasserie Lambic chain of beer restaurants has been replenished with two new establishments located in popular areas of the capital. They can be called Lambic-Tishinka and Lambic-Shabolovka.

Not quite Patriki, but close. Krasina, 7. This house has a history — it was built in 1908. Our restaurant is located near both Patriki and Tishinka, and the nearest metro station is Mayakovskaya. A quiet street with good traffic, and an area with dense buildings. Several cafes and restaurants have been operating here for a long time, and we are sure that an excellent beer restaurant will be in stable demand.

Lambic offers a large selection of beer and European cuisine. There is a business lunch from 12 to 17 on weekdays. The restaurant on Krasina Street will feature a traditional menu, with a slightly expanded seafood section, oysters and hedgehogs will appear soon after the opening.

The new establishments, like all restaurants of the chain, will have their own, non-repeating design, however, they will be united not only by the general menu and high quality of cuisine and service, but also by the democratic atmosphere inherent in Lambic.

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