Gastro dinner oysters and Brussels sparkling wine accompanied by lady jazz Anna Frei

Date: 13 Августа 2020

The success of our dinner with mussels and foam and the guests ’ requests «don’t slow down!» they suggested the idea of spending an evening with black sea oysters and Brussels sparkling wine. And, of course, cover versions of famous jazz compositions as a musical compliment. Black sea oysters are valued for their delicate sweet taste. The salt level in the Black sea is 17-18 ppm, which is very comfortable for molluscs.

The perfect accompaniment to fresh and delicious oysters will be Cantillon Lambic Bio. This beer is reminiscent of expensive sparkling wine. Its taste is light and refreshing, and in the aroma you can catch notes of green Apple and autumn grass. A young one-year-old lambic is mixed with an aged three-year-old, and after blending and bottling, the drink re-ferments for another year. As a result, the degree of carbonation becomes ideal. So, three oysters, a glass of sparkling wine, and live jazz.
The price of pleasure is 1500 rubles.

See you on August 20 at Lambik in Bolshoy Cherkassky lane. The dinner starts at 7:00 pm.
Table reservation: +7 (495) 432-09-90

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