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Try Lambic again!

Date: 18 Сентября 2020

A big menu update is already in Lambic.

We have launched a long-awaited update to the main menu! The changes affected more than half of the dishes — some of them we reinterpreted, some developed from scratch.

Most of the new products in the «Salads» section — as many as five! We are sure that a big salad with seafood and ginger sauce will be a hit on the menu, where the lightness and freshness of vegetables are complemented by crispy herbs and notes of ginger. The salad with beef pastrami, oyster mushrooms and cherry potatoes turned out to be large, very bright and quite suitable for a full-fledged dish. Asian novelties-the classic appetizer «broken cucumbers with cashews» performed by our chef sparkled with new colors thanks to the rich sweet sauce, and crispy eggplant with pink tomatoes and hot-sweet sauce will be a great starter for fans of Asian cuisine.

Belgian potato waffles — our specialty, a dish for which we come back again and again! Add boiled potatoes to the dough, so the waffles become satisfying and acquire a characteristic taste. In the updated menu, we are again experimenting with flavors — now we add salmon or bacon directly to the dough, they are baked together and saturated with each other's taste. Serve traditionally — on large plates with an impressive number of toppings-pastramia and broken cucumbers, strachatella, avocado and fresh cucumber, with salmon and caviar sauce.

Autumn is the time for vegetables. With a special sign, we have selected seasonal dishes that will be on our menu until December. Their basis — seasonal and not very vegetables in interesting cooking techniques. Try strachatella with baked beetroot and potato chips, quinoa with baked avocado and lemon sauce. A snack of three types of spread-hummus, babaganush and pumpkin cream with truffle oil, served with crispy ciabatta, will be a great addition to the wine and fruit varieties from our Beer Atlas. Roast de Genden, rich and bright, is named after the two chefs of our team who came up with it — Eugene and Denis.

There are also more seafood dishes: grilled squid with fried iceberg salad will delight you with its lightness and freshness, and rich and hearty bisque soup will warm you up in the rainy autumn. Salmon steak is now served with Parmesan mousse and Brussels sprouts. Updated salmon tartare, the taste in it is set by a spicy Asian sauce.

Also on the menu: more grilled dishes, more beer appetizers for every taste, new sauces for traditional Belgian mussels!

Welcome to visit, try Lambic again!

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