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Main menu update!

Date: 12 Апреля 2022

We have launched a spring menu update in all our restaurants. From the special menu «American Classics», the main hits traditionally got into the main menu — a huge double cheeseburger with champignons, bacon and onion fries, at least a huge (average weight more than a kilogram) cowboy steak, which is otherwise called rib eye on the bone and the hit of this winter — crispy chicken fillet popcorn with tartar sauce!
The absolute novelties are the Ramiro peppers, which we serve baked, with tuna sauce tonnato and Imeritinsky cheese, and also add in the form of mashed potatoes to eclair with smoked cod riet.
Hearty novelties in the grill section are half of farm chicken with grilled zucchini and pork loin on the bone with celery root steak.
The northern exotic has returned to the menu — venison tenderloin now with mashed root vegetables, spinach, pine nuts and berry sauce.
The traditional English snack for beer will also be a hit — fish and chips in our author’s reading — the breading of the pike perch fillet is coconut, and the potatoes are baked in a rustic way.

Try these and other novelties in our restaurants!

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